SiSaf Vacancy:Biotechnologist / Cellular or Molecular Biologist

SiSaf Vacancy:
Biotechnologist / Cellular or Molecular Biologist

Applications should be submitted at bonesecr@strutture.univaq.it and should include a detailed CV with a complete list of publications and other relevant achievements.
Place of Work: University of L’Aquila, Italy, Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences, via Vetoio, Coppito 2, side B, 1° floor.
Job Description: The Biotechnologist / Cellular or Molecular Biologist position is responsible for evaluating genetic engineering and gene therapy outcomes deriving from in vitro/in vivo experiments. Primary responsibilities will be the full understanding of company existing products on gene therapy pipeline as well as the innovation of new products intended for systemic use and related ability of knocking down a specific gene expression using SiSaf technology.
The candidate should be able to initiate, develop and validate specific molecular or cellular laboratory experiments and interpret gathered data, conduct research on cell organization and function, including mechanisms of gene expression, cellular bioinformatics, cell signalling, or cell differentiation and to setup/optimise protocols where appropriate. Other responsibilities include research work and stability testing/evaluation and product data presentations, maintaining accurate laboratory records and data as required by Senior R&D Team.

Due to the highly specificity requested by proposed tasks, the applying person should consider as mandatory the full understanding/knowledge of processes for genetic engineering and gene therapy. Selection process will be held in English language and will include up to two interviews via zoom app – Salary will be discussed with selected candidates during the second interview and will be based on candidate’s professional experience.

For More info check the flyer:

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