WG6 – Translational Outreach

Leaders: Maria Luisa Brandi and Claes Ohlsson
WG6 – Translational Outreach

Active Members

André Uitterlinden
Francesca Marini
Inês Alves
Linda McCarthy
United Kingdom
Ling Oei
Patricia Khashayar


The objective of this Working Group is to make a synopsis of the knowledge derived from the integration of activities and expertise provided by WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4 and WG5.

In order to constitute a roadmap for the identification of drug targets by means of pinpointing molecules and factors within biological pathways that can be suitable for future investigations in a potential therapeutic context. This will be done by reaching out to active researchers within the pharmaceutical industry using genetic resources, asking them to share their expertise and knowledge with the GEMSTONE network, by means of web-based seminars, workshops at scientific meetings and/or research partner mobility schemes to their centres.


D9. GEMSTONE translational potential report on pathways and factors with inventory of relevant interested stakeholders (document).

D10. Report of the drug targets summit (meeting) with participation of representatives from all the Working Groups of the network.

D11. Report of the GEMSTONE translational public event summit with participation of members from the scientific network and other stakeholders (meeting).

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