Applications for Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) Grants

Applications for Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) Grants

Do you have a research question that would help to achieve the objectives of GEMSTONE? But you do not have the tools to answer it in your lab? A grant for a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) might help you!

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are exchange visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks, and fostering collaboration between COST Action participants


  • Write a short motivated description of and argumentation for the purpose of the STSM
  • Applications for STSMs should be submitted through eCOST (https://e-services.cost.eu/stsm)
  • It is the applicant that must fill out the application. Make sure to choose the correct COST Action! CA18139
  • In the eCOST site the “Home Institution” is where the applicant is now – and “Host details” is where the applicant would like to go.
  • CV of the applicant and approval from the hosting institution should be sent directly to the STSM Coordinator, Kent Søe, by email: kent.soee@rsyd.dk
  • The deadline for submission is the 16.Dec.2019 (until midnight)
  • Minimum duration of STSM is 5 calendar days
  • STSM must be finalized within the current Grant Period (01.05.19 – 31.03.20)
  • A maximum of 3,500 € can be granted for each successful applicant
    • A maximum of 160 €/day to cover accommodation and meals
    • A maximum of 300 € for travels

Evaluation criteria 

  • STSM helps to accomplish the deliverables of the WG and the scientific objectives of GEMSTONE
  • Different WG will have the benefit of the chosen STSMs
  • Early career investigators will be prioritized (defined as PhD-students or up to 8 years from obtaining Ph.D.)
  • Geographical diversity
  • Gender balance

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