ECTS/GEMSTONE PhD training school

ECTS/GEMSTONE PhD training school

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This prestigious PhD Training Course, aimed at promoting general knowledge of bone research to young investigators, is now in its 14th year and has been hailed as one of the most innovative and successful courses in the bone field.

Following COVID-19 outbreak, the training will be held as a virtual Masterclass

The course starts with an “introductory session” where key topics relevant to skeletal research are covered, followed by a varied programme that incorporates clinical and basic topics with a mix of speakers with clinical or basic science backgrounds. An example of the topics likely to be included in the programme is provided below. One of the important aspects of the course is the opportunity for students to network and obtain feedback on their project. Student presentations include poster and short presentations of their PhD project as well as networking sessions with invited speakers. The course has been of immense value to previous participants, and the networks that form during these events help to sustain the musculoskeletal field in Europe into the future.

As in the past edition, the second day will be organized in collaboration with the Genomics of MusculoSkeletal traits Translational Network – GEMSTONE Cost Action (CA18139) (www.cost-gemstone.eu) . This day will include talks from GEMSTONE researchers in the fundamental, translational and clinical fields who will show the integration of multidisciplinary expertise to address challenges in skeletal research. The talks of this day will be open to all GEMSTONE members.

Aims & learning outcomes

  • To promote knowledge about physiology and pathology of bone and calcium metabolism
  • To promote knowledge about methods in bone research
  • To promote networking between European PhD students in the bone field

At the end of the course, the PhD student should:

  • Understand bone biology, the interaction and communication between bone and other tissues, transcriptional control of bone cells and bone cell signaling
  • Have knowledge of the cutting edge technology
  • Be able to present and discuss their PhD project

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